Literature Girl

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Welcome to my journal. Here I share extended posts that I have written — often about literature, but not always — which I feel do not fit merely within the reviews page, which I prefer to reserve for shorter, more concise posts.

I often find that others do not wish to listen to me whenever I attempt to speak about literature with them, as they share very little interest in it themselves. The same tends to apply to subjects such as theology and philosophy, also. As a result, I often find myself with a lot to say on various topics, but no one to direct my thoughts towards. So, here they are, where they may be explored (or not explored) at the user's discretion and leisure.

There is a separate section dedicated to any writing pertaining directly to Christianity, which is my religious faith. Any of the entries shared here may rightly be prone to error, or you may disagree with them, and I don't claim to be infallible in any sense; I just enjoy writing about various issues from a Christian perspective, as I receive a lot of questions about my personal understanding of faith, and about my relationship with God. I enjoy sharing what I believe to be God's Word and design for us with others who are willing to listen.

In case you would prefer to gain a general overview of the posts before committing to reading any, feel free to click on the arrows to open the summaries and reveal additional content about what each pertains to.