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Welcome (again) to my website! Rather evidently, I plan to make it revolve around literature. It is not yet finished, but do come back and visit it again to see updates, if you so desire.

I have always found 'about' pages rather strange, and struggle to know what information about myself is of sufficient worth and relevance to share within them. There's something kind of uncomfortable about having a myriad of information about me shared in one specific, public space on the internet, also, regardless of how anonymous it may seem. Nonetheless, I will list some of my primary interests below, as they are likely to be written about on the site at a later stage:

The website name is inspired by one of my favourite mangas, Kodama Maria Bungaku Shuusei. I think that more people should read it; it felt incredibly refreshing, charming and unique to me.

The bare bones of this site were created partially with the help of oddduck, who introduced me to sergey, which this site utilises. Morale also stemmed partially from this little fellow. If anything within the site seems familiar to you, it is likely because I have had a Neocities site before, but I no longer maintain it.

Finally, I recommend that you view the site with MS Gothic installed, as it is my preferred font, but it ultimately doesn't matter much at all. I care about the content more than I care about the appearance, even if I do enjoy the bit of character I feel MS Gothic adds.

The manga screenshots shared throughout the pages on my site are all from either 児玉まりあ文学集成 (Kodama Maria Bungaku Shuusei) or シメジ シミュレーション (Shimeji Simulation), which I recommend highly.

I also enjoy emailing others, so do feel free to send an email to the address provided below if you have anything you'd like to ask or share.

email: nanorin [at]