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Welcome to my projects page. Here I share my art projects, which are usually small and comprised almost solely of graphite drawings and pen and ink sketches of animals and buildings.

I am self-taught, and draw as a casual hobby. I like the idea that through creating art I can add more value to my life, somehow, or potentially to others'. I often draw for other people. As a result, most of the drawings here have not been photographed in their final forms, as I am forgetful and have forgotten to photograph them before giving them away as gifts.

Some of the photographs aren't great, but nonetheless; click on the arrows to see the images, and feel free to click on the images themselves to open them in a new tab, if you so desire.

'Heidi', 2023, graphite pencil drawing

A Valentine's gift that I framed and gave away to the owner of the dog pictured. This photograph was taken a while before I finished it completely. The perspective in the photograph that I worked from for this was rather strange, and certainly not optimal, but I liked how expressive the eyes were in it, so I stuck with it anyway.

'Stag', 2021, graphite pencil drawing

A birthday gift that I gave to my brother, who has a fondness for deer. The white space on the antlers is meant to signify snow, but it doesn't translate well without a background, which I didn't want to add. Fur is hard to draw.

'Haskell', 2021, graphite pencil drawing

A drawing of a Maine Coon that belongs to someone I no longer speak to. This was my first ever attempt at drawing fur properly, and as a result I think I was too timid to add the contrast that I should have, but I'm still pretty happy with the cat's face and ears. The photograph provided is not of its fully finished state.

'Natural History Museum', 2022, drypoint etching printed with black ink

Something I made whilst testing out drypoint etching, which I found I really enjoyed. Printmaking in general is a lot of fun, but I preferred this to lino cutting and monoprinting. To produce this piece, I etched the reversed image into plastic, applied black ink into the grooves produced, and then I pressed the sheet of plastic against damp watercolour paper.

'Natural History Museum', 2022, fineliner sketch

A drawing of the same building that I used as the subject of my drypoint etching, which I visited during a trip to London. I didn't use a ruler at any point whilst working on this sketch, as I enjoy the slightly shaky look that freehand work provides. I think it adds a kind of charm.

'Unknown Landscape', 2019, fineliner sketch

I'm not actually sure where the landscape pictured in this is from. I drew it from a photograph that I found on the internet years ago, back whenever I was only beginning to find an interest in drawing buildings. It was my first ever attempt at such a thing. Again, it is freehand, because I have a vendetta against rulers, apparently.