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Natural Alternatives I Use

(in regards to food, healthcare, clothes and kitchenware)

Updated: 2024/02/21

Endeavouring to cut down on plastic consumption or usage and to opt for natural, organic alternatives can seem overwhelming at first, but I've slowly been finding ways to adapt to this change in lifestyle. I have chosen to do so for the sake of my health, especially due to the disruptive nature so many heavy metals, microplastics and general toxins play in human hormone health.

Everything I use definitely isn't all-natural, but over the past couple of years I've been doing my best to swap out many of the products I use in my everyday life with more 'natural' alternatives, for the sake of my health and also because I find it incredibly disturbing that it is so difficult to find products made using simple ingredients in most stores. Listed below are some of the swaps I have made. I buy most of these from a local health store.

I prefer to know exactly what is going into or being used on my body, and exactly what the purpose of each ingredient is.

Basically, I just check ingredient labels and don't put stuff I can't pronounce into my body. I try to avoid microplastics by checking resin codes and opting for glass, steel or ceramic containers, and I avoid synthetic materials by checking labels.