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How I Am Using My Art for God

(through a church fundraising event)


I've always felt sad that I struggle to draw much from my imagination, and have felt incapable of linking my faith to my art in many ways because of this. In some ways, my art felt a bit like a wasted opportunity, because I would have liked to link two of the things that mean so much to me.

I've also always felt uncomfortable asking people for money for my art, but an opportunity arose recently where I felt compelled to begin doing so.

My minister announced that, due to damage to the 200-year-old building of our congregation's church, £90,000 will have to used for repairs. The church funds are providing half, but the congregation has been challenged to raise the rest.

Thus, if 90 people raise £500 each, the task will be complete. So, I decided to offer to do 10 animal drawing commissions at £50 each. After this was announced, along with photographs from my current art portfolio, the slots filled up almost instantly with requests from members of the congregation. This was very heartening.

I decided to take on this project (even in the midst of my exams and my approaching transfer to university for my theology undergraduate degree) as an attempt to challenge myself and to give back to the church of my childhood, where I have been baptised, confirmed, raised and spiritually nurtured. Whilst I have never felt comfortable taking commissions before, this will be a way to familiarise myself with the process whilst also giving the funds raised directly to a good cause. Knowing that it is for charity makes me far more comfortable.

As an added bonus, this project will build up my art portfolio and create a small local network of people who know about my art, meaning that I will be more readily equipped if I ever choose to turn my hobby into a small form of income someday.

I hadn't anticipated being asked to draw someone's pet cow, though, I must admit. I have been nothing if not challenged!